Your End Of Summer To Do List

Your End Of Summer To Do List

Summer is ending and we are preparing for transitions - a new school year, the start of Autumn, and possibly heading back to the office after a period of remote work. This month may feel like a bit of a downshift from summer activities to Autumn and Winter routine. You can stretch out these last days of summer by squeezing in some home projects to prepare for Autumn. Here are our suggestions. 

Clean & Store Your Summer Gear | Following your last beach day, take the time to clean your buckets, shovels, beach chairs, and boogie boards now so they will be fresh when you take them out next year. If anything needs to be replaced, you can shop at the end of summer sales now. 

Set-up A Shared Family Calendar | Whether you decide on a big wall calendar or a digital version, having one calendar will be a big help. You can set it up and add important dates now. 

Prep For Easy Dinners | Clear away clutter in your Kitchen to create a clean workspace on your counter. Remove stale, expired, and unwanted food from your refrigerator and pantry. Donate unwanted and unexpired foods in their original packaging to your local food bank. If you have an abundant backyard harvest this season, be sure to share with your neighbors or our local food donation fridge at Mea Culpa Cafe in Norfolk. 

Organize Your Family Photos | Yes, we said it! It’s time. Sort and organize your printed photos. We find the photo boxes to be very useful and easy to use for this. Sort and organize your digital photos too. Back-up images to your cloud-based storage, and make an album or book out of recent photos that are your favorites. Your kids will love to look at these books. Print and frame a few favorites to display in your home. 

Clean Your Carpets & Floors | Dirt and sand that has been tracked in over the summer can be very hard on your floors. Vacuum and mop floors, and consider having the carpet professional cleaned if needed. 

Get Organized For Back-to-School/Work | Look around the house and determine what may make this Fall run smoother. Entryway hooks and cubbies, a better workspace/study area? Clean up and file away loose papers, and create a family filing system. 

Check Your Emergency Kit | Check expiration dates on your kit’s food and medications. Check batteries. If you do not have a kit, take the time to make one now. 

Organize Your Closets | Assess what you have in your closets now, before you make any new purchases. Try on clothing, and donate items that you no longer wear. Make a list of anything you may need. Organizing now will save you money and prevent clutter in your closets. 

Clean & Organize The Garage | This may be a weekend project. It helps to think ahead and research where you can take items (hazardous waste etc.). Clean out all the clutter first, then assess what type of shelving or organizers would be most helpful for you. Here are some more helpful tips

Check For Pests | Be proactive regarding pests around your home. Make sure that you remove sources of food, shelter, and water. Close off places where pests may hide. If pesticides are called for, choose the lowest-risk options first, and use according to their directions. 

Schedule Some Relaxation Time | Last but not least, carve out some time for relaxation. It may be harder than you think to simply ‘do nothing’. This should not be something for your free time. Schedule your down time to give yourself permission to relax and just ‘be’. You may want to sequester yourself away from normal family activities and distractions. What does one do during do-nothing time? Read a book. Enjoy a cup of tea. Listen to music. Meditate. The choice is yours to make.

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