The Dogs of War

The only thing we love as much as the brave men and women that serve are the stories of the canines that were with them every step of the way. A book published this month focuses on the story of Judy, the English Pointer in WWII.

“No Better Friend: One Man, One Dog, and Their Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in WWII” by Robert Weintraub tells the story of the deep bond between a soldier and a pup. This fearless dog started life as a mascot dog for the British Navy boats in Shanghai. Eventually called Judy, she befriended a young British soldier and was so loyal that she was even listed as an official POW along with her owner. 

Judy is credited with many courageous acts including guiding men afloat in the wreckage of a torpedo attack and finding a freshwater source for the same men who washed ashore a deserted island. She braved Japanese POW camps, horrible living conditions, attacks, and so much more to get back to England to enjoy the rest of her life with her human.

Judy earned a medal of honor for her service. Stories of bravery are always so inspiring, but they are even more special when those stories include the devotion of a dog. To read more about Judy, pick up a copy of Robert Weintraub’s book from your local bookseller, or take a quick glance at this National Geographic article from last year from their 5 part “Dogs at War” series.

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