Some Of Our Favorite Storage And Organizing Hacks For Your Kitchen

Some Of Our Favorite Storage And Organizing Hacks For Your Kitchen

What are your #kitchengoals? Do you have a Pinterest board where you place your design and functionality favorites? Is your dream kitchen cool and clean Scandinavian, farmhouse chic, traditional, or something else entirely? Chances are it is probably tidy and orderly. Whether you are renting or living in base housing and can’t change much, or just looking to make your current kitchen more workable – here are our tips and hacks to help you move in that direction. 

Lazy Susan For Countertop | For those items that never seem to make it off the counter and end up taking up space. We are thinking of salt & pepper, sugar, olive oil, etc. Gather these items onto a lazy susan for a neat solution to your countertop clutter. If you want something more decorative, try a cake stand. Lazy susans are inexpensive and also work inside your cabinets for organization of your spices, etc. 

Add Hooks Wherever You Can | Install hooks inside cabinets, under shelves, on your walls, anywhere that you can find a spot. This creates storage space almost anywhere… for items that may otherwise be taking up space in your cabinets and drawers.

Unique Use For A Sponge Holder | If you keep your condiment packets from your Chinese, deli, and take-out orders, this is the solution for you! Use a sponge holder inside your refrigerator, or inside a cabinet door to store and organize them by type.

Use The Sides Of Cabinets | If you look around your kitchen for wasted space, the side of your cabinets may stand out. Use those cabinets with exposed sides by adding hooks, rails, or even shallow shelves. Hint: look above your cabinets as well!

Use Tension Rods Inside Cabinets | We always think about stacking things, but sometimes the better answer is vertical storage. Tension rods are inexpensive, and easy to install and remove if need be. 

Magnet Magic! | You can use magnets under cabinets and shelves, similar to hooks. This is a great idea to keep your go-to spices easily accessible. Use a magnetic knife rack. 

More Magnets! | A magnetic knife strip can also be used inside your cabinet to store your food processor attachments, lids, etc. near the appliances that they are used with. Brilliant!

When your kitchen is organized and you are feeling very accomplished, consider allowing yourself ONE junk drawer – a cheap drawer, even if it is only used as a temporary weigh station for items you have yet to organize!

Some of the best ideas for decluttering and organizing come from downsizing professsionals and estate sales companies. They help people reduce and sell items every day and can provide clean out services for larger projects as well.

We invite you to share some of your favorite kitchen organizational hacks here in the comments! And remember, as your PCS move approaches, our Military Relocation Specialists are here to assist you in ‘organizing’ a great move into your new home and/or a great experience selling your current home in Southeastern Virginia or Northeastern North Carolina. 

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