Resource of the Week: Everyone Serves eBook

Deployments can be difficult in a military family, but there can also be stress in the window of time before and after a deployment. Everyone Serves is a great free online resource for those closest to service members. Everyone Serves is a “handbook for family and friends of service members during pre-deployment, deployment, and reintegration.”

Accessible on the web and available as a PDF or eBook, Everyone Serves provides easy access to topics ranging from the roller coaster of emotions one can feel, how to identify and handle stress, and how focusing on self-care can help everyone in the process. It handles complex emotions with ease, and doesn’t down play difficult topics. Worksheets are available to download and print as a way to help gauge feelings and monitor stress, but most importantly, the book focuses on providing information beyond just the text, which is extremely helpful.

The highlights of the book include links to resources for more information on a spectrum of topics, and a down to earth format that focuses on actual people. Lots of personal quotes and great pictures make the book realistic and work to keep your interest as you read.

Before your family heads towards the next deployment, take a moment to download the eBook or bookmark the page. No sign up is required, and it only takes a moment to download. It’s a free way to help you understand your emotions and a guide to connect with your loved one- something you can’t put a price on!

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