Remembering Those Who Gave All

Memorial Day is coming up this weekend. Cities and towns tend to come alive with all sorts of summer inspired events and festivals to help stay busy and enjoy a long weekend. 

While thinking about the true meaning of Memorial Day, we came across some really great sites that inspired us and gave some perspective on the freedom we enjoy. As people who are proud to help military families, we wanted to share as a way to show our appreciation for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

There has been a trend for a few years of “boots on the ground” memorials.

Volunteers will gather military boots and lay out incredible temporary memorials to those who lost their lives serving our country.

This video, from Fort Hood, Texas last year, was especially poignant and we hope you take a moment to watch and share. We were touched by the reactions that people visiting had. This remembrance had 1 boot to represent every soldier lost since 9/11. The video sums up the experience as “a way to remember every sacrifice . . . and honor those who have served.” 

Another base, Fort Campbell, shared the story of a mother motivated by the loss of her own son to establish a similar boots memorial at the base in Kentucky. She worked tirelessly with a handful of other volunteers, but feared falling short of the necessary 7,000 boots, and the volunteers needed to help set them up. The community rallied, and she finished the memorial ahead of schedule. Click here to see some of the inspiring images and read more about her story.

This weekend, please take a moment to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We are proud to be a part of a military town, and grateful for those who serve. 

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