PCSing with Little Ones

It is scientifically proven that moving becomes more challenging with each additional family member added.  Alright, we totally made that up, but in the case of moving with little ones, we don’t feel like it would be too hard to prove that theory. For such tiny humans, babies and toddlers have a significant amount of power in the family structure. And they are not afraid to wield that power, as evidenced by the power meltdowns we’ve all witnessed.

So how do you make a move easier when there are littles involved? Here are our top tips for keeping tots (and you!) sane during a PCS. 

1. Take lots of small bites.

We’re not actually talking about food, but the business of getting a plan and putting it into action. It’s unrealistic to think that you can put things off and plan to do a lot of things all at once. Your small person will need you. Your little person will want to play, eat, sing, unpack boxes, nap quietly, cry, and run around. It’s too much. So dedicate yourself to making a plan that allows you to do a little every evening after bed, or during the midmorning nap. 

2. Take people up on their offers to help.

It takes a village, and your friends and family don’t just offer to be nice. So don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. Not to mention, you have friends and family you are moving away from so let them make some memories with you and your kids while you’re still around.

3. Take it easy on yourself.

When you have a little one, it can be a real challenge. Especially if this is your first move with a baby, or you have a new addition to the family that needs a lot more care than an older child. Consider choices that don’t mean you have to do everything. If you’ve always chosen to DITY PCS, maybe now is the time to let the military pack and move you. Explore your options and consider any possibilities that mean a little less stress for you and your family.

Do you have any great tips for moving with a baby or a toddler? Share in the comments!


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