Our Top Tips for Home Buying (and Selling!) While In The Military

Our Top Tips For Home Buying (And Selling)
While In The Military

As a member of the military, you know that there are challenges to purchasing a home. Now is the time to consider purchasing a home of your own. It is a great way to build wealth, and today’s rents are often times more than a home mortgage would be. Here are our top tips to get you started. 

Research Your Local Market With a REALTOR® | Many areas that surround military installations are counting on it to sustain revenues and inventory. Today’s market is a bit trickier with historically low listing inventory. Also, if you decide to look a little further off-base, you will definitely want to do your research to fully understand the market. Ask about where homes hold their value and where they don’t quite keep up. These discussions with your REALTOR® can offer a good window into where you want to make a purchase. You can contact us today to get connected with an experienced Military Relocation Specialist

Orders! | Orders and moves are a fact of military life. Once you know that you will be moving to a new location, we suggest that you proactively get in touch with a REALTOR® regarding the possibility of selling your current home. They can advise you on any maintenance and/or repairs that will need to be completed before putting your home on the market. Their expertise will help you with timing too, allowing you to transition without too much out of pocket expenses.  You may also consider keeping your house and hiring a local property management team to manage it as an investment property. 

Familiarize Yourself With Your Home Loan Benefits | As an active duty military member or veteran, you have earned benefits which include VA Home Loan benefits. You have served your country, and deserve to take advantage of these programs. Make sure that you understand your financing options, and how much home you can afford. Our Military Relocation Specialists can connect you with home financing that suits your needs. Make sure that you get pre-approved before your home search begins. You want to be ready to make an offer in today’s quick moving home market. 

What’s On Your Moving Checklist? | If you know that you will be moving this year, and you know that you want to consider purchasing a home, start compiling a checklist of everything you will need to do leading up to the move. Remember that packing, cleaning, and financing should be addressed earlier than later. We can connect you with a reputable lender, so you can understand all of your home financing options. We are experienced with assisting military members in receiving optimum financing for their home buying journey. 

We can assist you with your home search in your new location, and selling your current home. Our Military Relocation Specialists are here to help you now.

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