Our Military Kids: Giving Back

With over 35,000 children affected by the deployment of a parent and another 54,000 dealing with the recovery of a wounded parent, Our Military Kids aims to reduce the stress on some of the families dealing with separation or injury.

Our Military Kids is a non-profit organization that aims to help children with parents deployed in the National Guard or Reserves, or have parents who have been wounded in any branch of the service.

The grants provided by Our Military Kids help children “engage in activities of their choosing” by helping meet the costs associated with activities like athletics, fine art programs, extracurricular activities, and even tutoring. By being able to take part in activities they enjoy, kids can focus on the positives that come from doing something they love and not just on the challenges and stress at home. 

Our Military Kids focus on the children of those in the National Guard and Reserves, as well as families of the wounded because those families often do not have the same support resources as active duty service families. They exist to help bridge the gap for military children by providing monetary access to the activities they enjoy the most, helping to lift a burden from the military children and their families.

If you are interested in the grants they provide or in donating to this outstanding charity, please visit them at ourmilitarykids.org for more information. From their site you can access details about how to help, how to apply, and other great resources for military kids. Check them out today!

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