National Spouse Day: Love to the Military Spouse!

Today is National Spouse Day, and if anyone deserves some special recognition, it’s the military spouses across the country! Here’s why we love you:

You’re the strongest people we know.

Military spouses have a certain character, a unique grit, that makes them incredible. There is no shortage of trying times for military spouses, from deployment to PCSing thousands of miles away, and every milspouse we know has always taken all of these things in stride.

 You’re the most talented people we know.

Milspouses come from all over, have lived all over, and have picked up skills out of necessity that make civilian spouses look like one trick ponies. Learning to cook an authentic Japanese dish while stationed there, keeping cool and calm during the apex of a relocation, and knowing how to fix anything in a house are just a few of the talents we have seen in person. We’re never not amazed by the smart, talented people that we meet who are married to military members. 

You’re great at being a friend.

Our milspouse friends are a special breed. When the military moves you around so much, you learn to make new friends, but always keep the old. We’ve loved some amazing people who have come and gone from our neighborhoods, and keep in touch with so many of them on social media that we never feel like we’ve lost them. And to the credit of military spouses everywhere, you know that true friendship is more than just the good times, but supporting each other through the tough times as well. 

We know you serve too.

Your spouse serves in the military, but the real truth is that you serve too. You married a very special person, and you committed to them and the military life that comes with it. When they go on deployment, a part of you goes too. You keep the home front together and running, make time when their random schedule allows them to get in touch, and still maintain a solid marriage. You help in every way possible and in doing so, you serve the military proudly.

A special thanks on this National Spouse Day to the men and women who love with those who serve. Thank you for being some of the best people we know, for your dedication, love of country, and for sharing the people you love the most to help protect us and keep us safe!

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