Must Haves for the Move

The “P” in PCS should really stand for planning when you consider the amount of it that has to be done! While you sort, donate, pack, and get down to moving day, consider these top 5 important items to move with you personally. No matter what type of move you choose to do, these items can help you survive the first few nights in your new place.

1. Kitchen Goods: You can only eat pizza and takeout for so long in the high-stress time of your move. Plan accordingly and keep a few key items for a minimalist kitchen. We recommend a small cutting board, paring knife, can opener, and some paper plates to get started. We also suggest taking into account your needs. If you cannot function without coffee every morning, do yourself a favor and pack your mug, coffee, and something to brew it as well as whatever you love in it. Like to unwind with a glass of wine? Don’t forget your bottle opener! 

2. Cleaning Supplies: Make sure you have a couple of things to help clean up. Pack a good multi-surface cleaner to take care of any surprise messes you might find or make, as well as paper towels. Dish soap is also a good idea to pack, and it can be a great multitasker. 

3. Bed and Bath: You might not find your bathroom box right away, and your bed may not get unpacked right away, so make sure you have the minimum with you. Consider these crucial items: towels, pillow, blankets, toilet paper. Taking it just one step further, it might not hurt to have a toilet brush and plunger- two things you don’t need until you REALLY need them.

4. Important Devices and Charging Cords: Keep your favorite devices close and the power cords closer. Your tablet can keep the kids busy or let you catch up on the world around you (or your favorite Netflix show) when you decide to call it a night. Downtime will be limited in all the controlled chaos, but that doesn’t mean you and those around you might not enjoy a much-needed break or to fall asleep reading a few pages from that book on your Kindle. 

5. Comfort Items: Do you have a pillow that you can’t sleep without? Does your kid have a stuffed animal who plays an active part in the bedtime routine? Keep them with you! You’re transitioning to a new place, but you don’t have to punish yourself with a Spartan existence. Make room for the items that you love, that make you feel good, or comforted, or comfortable.

Did we miss something really, really important? Let us know in the comments!

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