Mother’s Day Care Package Ideas for Deployed Moms

Mother’s Day will be upon us before you know it. In order to send a thoughtful care package to the mother you know in time for Mother’s Day, you need to send it now!

Here are a few suggestions to make the special woman in your life (friend, spouse, sister, etc.) know she is loved this Mother’s Day:

Make a small photo book with pictures from recent events and milestones they may have missed while they are away. Many of these books can be made with same day pick up or you can print out a few photos and have each family member write something on the back. Include a short message about what is going on in the picture and how much she is loved and missed.

Send a few of her favorite pampering items – A few ideas are; a new lip balm, travel sized toiletries, bobby pins or hair ties, fancy toilet paper, face wipes, trial size skin care, anything that will give her a little taste of home. 

An easy and non-messy treat to send are water flavor enhancers – They come in many forms (powder and liquid) and flavors and are an easy way to jazz up water. You can buy a reusable water bottle (like this one) and fill it up with the different water flavor packet options before you send).

Favorite baked goods – What says I love you more than a baked good? You can arrange for cakes to be sent, or bake your own in a jar or send cookies. Make sure you send enough for her to share!

Latest bestseller – Why not splurge and send an e-reading device full of books? Have each family member pick out a title for mom.

Make sure to send items that will not take up too much space or can have dual purposes like a new pillowcase with a family photo. This keepsake will be sure to make mom smile each night when she goes to bed.

If you are running short on time, loving messages/letters or a video/audio recording of her kids will always be the most cherished gift on Mother’s Day.

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