Keep These Things Close When You PCS

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of movers showing up and packing things they shouldn’t. Like the full trash bag, or half-eaten sandwiches. As unpleasant as it might be to unpack a full trash bag after a week in a moving truck, it is more unpleasant to do without important items while waiting for the truck to arrive.

Avoid the unpleasantness by cordoning off an area of your home that is a “no pack zone” ideally behind a door that you can label as such. In your no pack zone, you should be sure to place all the things you want to keep close during a PCS move. Here are our top 7 items to keep with you during the move. 

1. Orders and copies of your orders.

No explanation needed really. They are important, and you should always have the original on hand and many copies to hand over throughout the move. 

2. Identification and Insurance Information

ID’s, passports, birth certificates, and all insurance info is important to have on you as you make your journey. Keep them all in a safe place and carry them with you. 

3. Important Paperwork

This covers everything from legal documents to financial information. It’s also not a bad idea to scan these papers and create a backup of digital copies just as a backup.

4. Medical Records, info, and medication

Make sure you have enough medication to make it through the move and settling in process. Copies of medical records can be handy, especially immunization records when it comes time to register the kids in school.

5. Bags for each family member

It may seem like a lot, but designating a bag for each member of the family can help you visually organize and allows each member to make decisions about important things they want to bring along. Don’t forget your pets! Fido can have a small bag that keeps food, bowls, and leash handy as well as vet records which might be needed at your new post. 

6. Kitchen and Cleaning Stuff

You don’t need an entire kitchen and cleaning arsenal, but basics like a pot and pan, paper plates, spatula, plastic silverware, trash bags, and cleaning supplies can be a real lifesaver when you are waiting a few days for everything to arrive.

7. Bed and Bathroom Stuff

It’s hard to use a shower without a curtain and rings, and sometimes you might have to sleep on the floor for a few days before the movers get there. Save yourself the hassle and set those things aside in the move to carry with you. You might not have a bed, but your favorite pillow can make sleeping much easier in your new place. A few nightlights can also be lifesavers as you learn the layout at night of your new place. 

What do you always make sure you travel with when you PCS? Did we miss something major? Let us know in the comments!

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