How To Enjoy Your Backyard Well Into Fall


How To Enjoy Your Backyard Well Into The Fall

Autumn is the time for cool evenings, jumping in piles of leaves, flannel, fire pits, and roasted marshmallows. Is your backyard ready to fully embrace the brisk and invigorating evenings? We have compiled a few ideas to help you get your backyard ‘Autumn Ready’!

Bring On The Heat | If you love to entertain outdoors just add a fire pit, barbeque, outdoor Kitchen, or heater! Fire pits are great places to have friendly conversions and gather the kids to roast marshmallows for s’mores. You can build or purchase a fire pit very easily. A patio heater makes sitting outside on an Autumn evening very comfortable and extends the season for your backyard. Find the style that suits you - electric, propane, stand-alone, or tabletop. You may want to consider upgrading your grill to an outdoor Kitchen, so you can keep cooking outdoors well into sweatshirt season. Take a look at these budget-friendly ideas

Let There Be Light(ing) | The days are getting shorter, so your outdoor evenings require light! You can keep your backyard inviting well into the evening by upgrading your outdoor lighting. Wall lights, string lights, and path lights are easy upgrades to extend your time outdoors. 

Now Showing | Set up an outdoor movie area where you can invite friends and family to watch together. You need a sheet or screen, projector, and sound system to enjoy a movie, streaming series, or videos! You choose. 

Spa Treatments | Even after the pools have closed, you can enjoy the outdoors in colder weather if the water is warm enough! A hot tub/spa can soothe your sore muscles after you’ve raked up all those Autumn leaves. Or, you can just sit back and look up at the stars! 

Play A Game, Or Two | Make the time to go outside and play a game. Set up a horseshoe pit, or cornhole boards,and grab some warm apple cider. Your friends and neighbors will soon join you! Here are some great outdoor game ideas

We hope these ideas have inspired you to make the most of your backyard space during  Autumn. It really is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities. Let us know if you add any of these and how it works out for you. Or, share some of your ideas with the community! And, as always, contact us if you have any questions regarding an upcoming PCS move.

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