Five-Star Spouses Make Military Families Shine

At the heart and soul of every military family is not only the service member but the   spouse who helps keep it all together when deployment, PCS or even everyday challenges arise. Being half of a military couple may mean an even bigger commitment to the relationship as well as to the service to our nation that their spouse embodies every day. It's not an easy job and now is an ideal time to say thanks for doing it!

Remember first and foremost that military spouses are both men and women – every branch of the armed forces includes service members who are also wives and mothers. That means there are plenty of dads and husbands who are 'serving' on the home front taking care of kids and daily life and who also need a show of appreciation.

Consider the opportunities to stand up for military spouses with gestures that may be appropriate to both men and women – an afternoon off to enjoy some alone time without the children or help with after school care if spouses work outside the home, a gift certificate to a favorite store or for an activity like the movies or recreational pastime   (think gym membership, golfing or even a spa day!), an invitation to join your own family for dinner or delivering dinner for the spouse and their kids on a hectic school night.

For military spouses there are more resources now that address your needs, where you can join online forums, get location-specific information for support groups and other helpful services. Check with your base installation to find out more about programs that make it their mission to recognize the contributions of military spouses.

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