Finding Home Maintenance Help During A Deployment

Finding Home Maintenance Help During A Deployment

It seems that no sooner than your spouse leaves on deployment, the reality sets in as something unexpected occurs. A flat tire? Washing machine overflows? Maybe something bigger? You learn that sometimes you need to reach out and ask for help. This is especially difficult for those of us who are ‘I’ll handle it myself’ types. 

Fortunately, there are many groups and organizations that are willing to assist and support military members, spouses, and families. You will want to keep these contacts on hand for help during deployments.

Family Readiness Resources 

The names may differ for each branch, but every installation has a Family Readiness Office. You can meet with the staff to find guidance on your available resources. Here are links for yours:

Army Community Services

Marine And Family Programs

Fleet And Family Program

Airman And Family Readiness

The deployment resources on the Military OneSource website are recommended to answer questions that come along. You can also access everything from career guidance to confidential counseling. 

The Air Force has a program called ‘Car Care Because We Care’ that offers a complimentary oil change. If your vehicle needs repair beyond the routine, you can coordinate the appointment in conjunction with your base’s ‘Give Parents A Break’ program that offers a voucher for a FREE day of childcare at the base’s Child Development or Youth Center. 

Lawn Care And Snow Removal

When snow comes, neighbors from all around the base tend to work together to scoop driveways and clear sidewalks… but what if you live off base? This is when Programs like ‘GreenCare For Troops’ and ‘SnowCare For Troops’ can help. Military members, depending on rank, can register at Project EverGreen to receive complimentary lawn care and snow removal. 

National Assistance

Check out Operation We Are Here. This supportive website lists groups and organizations around the country that support active-duty service members and veterans. The Red Cross has deployment services and multiple departments for helping military families. You can call 877-272-7337 for immediate assistance. While they are not directly involved with service members’ home maintenance issues, they may work with local partners that do. And, Operation Homefront impacts a bevy of organizations that support military members, spouses, and families. This organization is definitely one to call with an urgent need for help.

Remember, during a deployment, it is definitely ok to ask for help! Consider the resources listed here when you need guidance or support. They can assist you directly or point you in the right direction. There is no need to face deployment challenges alone, as there are many helping hands available.


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