Facing a PCS Move Later This Year? Host A Summertime Yard Sale

Facing A PCS Move Later This Year?
Host A Summertime Yard Sale.

Summer is the perfect time to organize and declutter. Once you do, you will have items to sell at a yard sale. Many homeowners associations and civic organizations host community yard sales to increase traffic. The extra cash generated can be used for back-to-school clothes or supplies. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

Getting Started | Move quickly from room to room making a list of items that you do not want anymore. Include clothing that does not fit or that you do not like. Take a critical eye toward ‘extras’. Do you really need an extra set of dishes or pots? Those are the type of items that are easily sold at yard sales. Don’t forget to evaluate your kid’s clothing that they may have outgrown, and toys that they no longer play with. Both are great candidates for yard sales. Next you can organize the items and decide on prices. You can price items individually or arrange groups of items that will all be priced the same amount - i.e. items on this table are $2 each, etc. Launder clothing items and clean household items to garner the best prices possible. You may want to invest in a package of labels to use for pricing items, or masking tape can be used.

Getting The Word Out | A neighborhood yard sale date is the best way to get the word out and increase possible traffic. Advertising can pay off as there are devoted yard sale shoppers in all communities that devote their weekends to bargain shopping. You can also utilize Craig’s List, and Facebook Marketplace. Add a few signs in strategic areas that are well-trafficked, and some directional signs to get people to your house. Consider having your sale over Friday and Saturday.

Good luck. Who knows, your profits may be all the money you need to get your kids prepared for the upcoming school year! With a little planning, you will be all set for a successful sale… and a smoother upcoming PCS move! If you are moving to or from the Hampton Roads, Southeastern Virginia, or Northeastern North Carolina region, contact one of our Military Relocation Specialists for assistance.

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