Calculate Your PCS Move

In the early stages of getting new orders? Orders in hand and need a starting point for your budget? Curious about BAH, DITY or PPM, COLA or just need an estimate on general PCS expenses?  Listed below is also a website that provides an automated valuation for your home (if you are needing to sell as you move.) 

Check out these calculators for more info. These sites are a great tool to help you come up with estimates for moving. They are not the final say in what your move will cost, but a great jumping off point as you start to get your budget and plans for relocation going! 

Home Value Calculator - Get an Estimate of Your Homes Value

Defense Travel Management Office BAH Calculator 

DITY Move and PPM Calculator 

PCS Estimation Calculator 

CONUS COLA Payment Calculator 

Do you have a site that you use to help plan your move? Sound off in the comments and share the info!

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