Apart for the Holidays?

Apart For The Holidays?

Whether the reason is deployment, location, or COVID -- you can still have a ‘close’ Christmas with family and friends. You just have to get creative! Being far away does not have to mean missing out on holiday fun. Here are some ideas for spending quality time with your long-distance family and friends, no matter where on the planet you are.

Host A Pajama Party | Have a Facetime or Zoom event with everyone in pajamas! Get creative. Decide beforehand whether you want to encourage themed pajamas, matching pajamas, etc. Even though you will not be in the same room together, you can share togetherness, fun, and possibly some laughs online. If differing time zones do not allow a ‘live’ event, you can always strike a pose, take a pic, and share to a group email or text to share your ‘look’.

Have A Virtual Scavenger Hunt | Think about things that you see every holiday season, then make a family-wide scavenger hunt list. Suggestions? A Santa look-a-like, ugly sweater, christmas cookie, a latke, Salvation Army kettle, you get the idea. Again, the group can share photos to the group as they spy the items. It is a great way to stay connected throughout the season. 

Watch A Movie Together | Ask for suggestions for favorite Christmas movies, and select a date/time. Apps like zoom make screen sharing, and communicating easy.

Have A GingerBread House Competition | Enjoy a little healthy competition. Channel your energy in creating a gingerbread house. We suggest you buy the same kit, set up some ground rules, and a time limit. Share your masterpieces together via video or group chat, or on social media. 

Try Virtual Christmas Caroling | Video call your family and friends and share a silly musical greeting. Then ask them to reciprocate.

Make A Family Recipe Together | Compare techniques, photos, and reviews. 

Create A Holiday Soundtrack | Create a shared playlist and invite the family to add their favorite holiday songs. Even if you are apart, you will be jammin’ to the same music. 

Round up your family, it is time to get festive. Do you have any other ideas to share? If so, please comment below.


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