America the Beautiful: Free National Park Pass for Military

Want to get out and see the country? There is no better way than with the “America the Beautiful Annual Pass” for current US military members and their dependents. This year-long pass is available to current US military members and the dependents of deployed military in all branches of the military. Most current US Reserve and National Guard Members are also eligible. 

The free Annual Pass can be acquired in person by a sponsor or dependent (with the correct paperwork) at any Federal recreation site that charges an entrance or amenity fee. The pass covers entrance into National Park Service Sites and Fish and Wildlife Service sites that charge an entrance or amenity fee. For a full list of eligible sites, be sure to click HERE for an overview and pass use FAQ.

The passes allow military members and dependents free access to witness the beauty of America, no matter where you are stationed. While the pass doesn’t include expanded amenities like camping or boat launches, there is substantial savings in entrance fees and the ability to explore as many local places as you would like as well as providing substantial savings while exploring places away from home.

If you would like to check for the nearest pass office, head to this link for a PDF that lists all sites where you can bring your military ID to sign up and get started. 

We hope everyone gets a chance to grab a pass and start exploring- this is an incredible opportunity for families to get out for free and enjoy all the natural beauty around us!

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